Selling Programs


Organizations wishing to earn money for their charity must provide the following in order to participate in the program:


  • A clean workspace, as well as enough clean tables and chairs to accommodate all program participants from their organization. 
  • A list of all volunteers (please send us a head count 48 hours prior to the event). We recommend a minimum of 10 volunteers per event (aged 16 and up).
  • A liability release form signed by each participant or participant's guardian for minors.
  • Although we don't allow food or beverages in the packing area, we do recommend having a designated table of refreshments for volunteers.


After participants arrive, we will go over a few very brief rules and procedures, as well as demo the task assignment for the event. This can be anything from wrapping a shoe bag in tissue paper and putting it in a box to counting out stacks of sponges and sealing them in mini zippy bags. 

At the conclusion of the event, packaged items will be collected and inventoried. Organizations will be paid per piece and will be issued a check within 10 business days of the event. Damaged or packaged items unfit for sale will be deducted from the final count, so it is important to emphasize the element of quality control to all participants.


Having an event where you can sell a Treadwick product? We can arrange to have our product at your event. Similar to purchasing wholesale, the greater the number of items sold, the higher the percentage of profit your charity will receive.


If you would like to sell our product, but don't want to handle any inventory, we can set up a coupon code on our website that will donate a portion of each referred sale to your charity or organization. Again, the more items sold with your code, the greater the percentage of profit you will receive.