About Treadwick


​Treadwick is a product design company that focuses on creating simple solutions to everyday problems. From developing a cutting edge shoe bag with a high performance twist, to designing popsicle holders to help keep your kiddos (and your lovely cream sofa) clean, we are all about inventing products that allow your day to run a little smoother.

Why Pop Up Product


​Developing new products is only part of our mission at Treadwick. We also want to create a company culture that gives back to our community and helps our little corner of the world thrive as much as possible. 


Pop Up Product was an idea our owner hatched (in the middle of the night, naturally) to help us address our growing need for help in our packaging department. We need extra hands to put product in our packaging, while many organizations and charities in our area are looking for ways to raise money for their causes. So, why not help each other out? Pop up stores are becoming more and more popular in today's day and age, why not apply that same concept (of using a temporary location) to our production process and donate the labor costs to those in need? 

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